Non Electrical Lanyard Curly Cords

NELC-33BK.jpg NELC- Non Electrical Lanyard cords. A.K.A. Tether cords.
Made from high grade Polyurethane Cordage & Tube.
These cords are usually used to anchor a tool or device to a fixed location.
These cords are generally considered fully self retracting, and are used for a variety of applications: Example Applications:-

  • Shop Displays
  • Confectionary (Lolly) and nut scoops
  • Bar code scanners
  • Leg Cords
  • Stanley Knife Tethers
  • Kayak Paddle Cords
  • PDA’s
  • Shop fitting: used for barrier cords on shopping lanes and turnstiles.
  • Window cleaners use them to stop their buckets and mops from falling.


  • These cords are not manufactured to, or tested to, any specific standard or specification.
  • Custom orders also welcome. (MOQ’s apply)
  • Most cords are made to order (Typically 1-2 weeks), but some may be available from stock.
  • These cords have a very high extension ratio. So when not extended they are quite short.

Cordage Diameter

  • 3mm
  • 4mm
  • As an special option: We can also supply the 4mm cords with an internal stainless steel wire for extra strength!
  • 7mm
  • Custom (MOQ’s apply)

Extended LengthsNELC-4SWa.jpg

  • 0.5m
  • 1m
  • 2m
  • 3m
  • Custom (MOQ’s apply)


  • Black: 3mm, 4mm.
  • Clear Blue: 3mm, 4mm.
  • Orange 7mm.
  • Custom (MOQ’s apply)


End Finish

  • Usually supplied unterminated.
  • Can be supplied fitted with electrical style ring terminals at each end.

Note: Not all sizes are available in all lengths.

For prices and delivery Please E-Mail with details of your inquiry.




10 thoughts on “Non Electrical Lanyard Curly Cords

  1. Peter Murphy says:

    Could you quote for supplying our school (Kapunda High School) with curly non-electrical cords, 4mm diameter, and 1 metre extended, with ring terminals at each end? We would need 5 orange and 5 blue, a total of 10, but if you have this size in any other bright colours we’d be interested to know. They are to be used as theatrical props in our producion of “Bye Bye Birdie” and attached to a performer’s waist at one end, and a wooden telephone receiver at the other end, painted the same colour as the cord. There’s a song called “Telephone Hour”, you’ll be reluctant to know. Cheers Peter

  2. Andrew Sykes says:

    Hi there, could you please give me a quote on a blue KeyRingCurlyCord2, also a quote on 8 of them. Need to restrain thermometers from going walkabout.

    Thanks and Regards

  3. David Riley says:


    Could you please give us a quote for purchasing 30 of the black curly cords as in the top photo on this page of your website.

    The cables we have at present are 90mm long, 8mm diameter and approx 1.5mm thick.

    I can send a phot of the whole thing if it helps, we would probably need to order regular quantites.

    We would also be interested in the internal S/S wire type if available.



  4. Scott black says:

    Hi could I please get a quote for 8 curly cords 3-4 mm thick with the wire inserts and some kind of loop on the end ( like the key ring or similar) as they are for tool lanyard purpose via abseiling so whatever you think would be stronger. The extended length is 2 Mtrs please and I'm not worried about the colour thanks 

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Scott,

      The 4mm ones will take a stainless steel wire. (not the 3mm ones).

      Our cords are not specifically tested or rated for breaking point etc.

      I’ll email you a price next.

      Best regards


  5. Stephen Grigg says:

    Hello can i get quote for 6x 1 meter length of black 3mm NON ELECTRICAL LANYARD CURLY CORD with the fitted ring terminals on every end. could you incude the price of shipping to Perth WA in the quote also thank u 

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