Microphone Curly Cords – Multi Core


High Quality Retractable cords for use with Microphones.
We manufacture and supply a large range of microphone style cords, which are suitable for a variety of professional, commercial and industrial uses. Including fist microphones, handsets and headsets.PRO-6CT-PUa.jpg

Standard straight tail length is 150mm

Series Part Number Number of Cores Core Size Screen O.D. Compressed Coil Lengths Max Extension Ratio
PRO-2C0.1IS 2 21/.08bc Individually screened cores 5 300/500/1000/1800 4:1
PRO-6CT-PU 6 Miniature Tinsel No 2.5 100/150/300 5:1
PRO-7C0.08SCN-PU 7 7/.12bc Overall Spiral Lapp 4 300/500/1000/1800 5:1
PRO-1C0.1-SCN+6C0.1-PU 7 21/.08tc Single core screened
+ 6 unscreened.
5.8 300/500/1000/1800 6:1
PRO-8C0.1FSCN-PU 8 21/.08bc Overall Foil & Drain Wire 5.6 300/500/1000/1800 5:1
PRO-12C0.08FSCN-PU 12 21/.08tc Overall Foil & Drain Wire 6.2 100/300/500/1000/1800 4:1

Other Lengths on request.PRO-8C0.1FSCN-PUa.jpg

The special construction of these cords is most desirable as it makes the cords flexible, yet hard wearing.

In particular these cords all have a special Polyurethane Jacket which makes them all Water Resistant, UV Stable, Cut & Abrasion Resistant, and 4-Pole-3-5mm-Male-to-Male-Ultra-Light-Curly-Cord-1b.jpgoffer Good Chemical resistance against Oils, Grease and Fuels. etc.


We Supply the cords both unterminated and can also arrange for termination, using a variety of connector types.




We are able to supply many connector types to suit.

Including Nexus AP-117BRXL AJ-117BRXL, Nexus TP120 and TJ101

Nexus-AP-117BRXL-AJ-117BRXL-1a.jpg Nexus-TP-120-TJ-101-1a.jpg


25 thoughts on “Microphone Curly Cords – Multi Core

  1. James Lance says:

    I am interested in your 4 core microphone 1800mm shielded curly cord, unterminated.

    Can I please get a price for 1, and postage to Australia 3095.



  2. Roger Cordukes says:

    Can you please give me a quote on a 4 core curly microphone cord? Postage to Kelso, Qld, 4810.

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Alun,
      Thanks for your comment/inquiry.
      We make a couple of different 4 core curly cords.
      Do you know if you want the cable screened? overall? or each core?
      It might help me point you in the right direction if you could tell me what the cord is used in/on ?
      also…just need to confirm 1.5m when compressed or extended?

      All the best…

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Jason,
      Thanks for your email.
      I only have a few of these left.
      I’ll see exactly what I have, and send you an email shortly.
      All the best…

  3. Hans Impink says:

    I am interested in a quote for four (4) curly leads of the following spec

    Color black, OD 4.0mm, closed 250mm, open 1000mm, 3 core Red Black yellow/screen, colors are not so important. This is to replace GME handheld UHF microphone leads which have perished over the years due to UV and handling. I have some photos which I can forward.

  4. Ian Thompson says:


    I am looking for a replacement curly cable for my marrine VHF set.  It is black, around 400mm long and 5mm dia.  The microhpone has 4 control buttons on it.  I have not yet stripped the set to see how many cores are in the existing cable but thought that you may know what is used for these applications.

    If you can supply, can you advise a cost?


    Many thanks, Ian

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Ian,

      We can probably help you, but the number of cores and screening requirements do vary.

      It would be best if you could examine the existing cord, and report back.


      Best regards


  5. Stephen Keddie says:

    Regarding the PRO-1C0.1-SCN+6C0.1-PU, Single core screened + 6 unscreened, O.D. 4.8.

    Is the coil length of 1800 quoted above the “coiled retracted” length or the maximum extended length?

    What I am after is a cable of this type that retracts to around 2 meters, but can extend up to around 7 meters. And what would be the cost of such a cable?



    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Steve,
      Yes…that is 1800mm coil when compressed.
      In that particular cable, that would extend to a max of 10.8m plus tails, so 11.1m total.
      I’ll shoot you a quote via email next.
      All the best…

  6. colin says:


    I need a replacement curly mic cable, 4 core one core screened.

    Its for a marine UHF (GME GX600) but GME have cunningly hard wired the mic, so I will cut and re-solder the lead. So it doesnt matter what the lead is, so long as its curly (standard CB type arrangement) and 4 core + 1 shield. PReferably white, but not essential.

    POstage to 2077 please,



  7. Kevin says:

    looking for curly cord to replace mic cord on GME TX 3200 .. telephone plug on radio end .. I'm happy to solder connections to mic end … post to NSW Australia

  8. John Carter says:

    I am looking for a replacement curly cord for a GME mic MC509B for TX4400. It a 5 core lead with the telephone plug on the end

  9. Dave Mitchell says:

    Hi Paul,
    We have a Navman 7200 VHF and the outer covering of the mike cable has fallen off over the years, it’s about time we did something about it. No idea how many cores are in the cable but don’t want to pull anything apart till I get an idea of price. Lengthwise it’s about .9 my at rest.
    The mike does have a number of functions on it.
    Cheers, Dave

  10. Mike Filby says:

    Hi Paul,

    I have a Navman 7200 VHF marine radio. It is about 10 years old. The outer covering on the curly chord is starting to peel off. The whole unit still works fine however it is time to replace the microphone chord – if possible. I have not taken it apart to see how many wires and types of termination there are at the mic and unit.

    Are you able to advise if the curly chord can be easily replaced and if so at what cost – delivered to Melbourne.
    Regards Mike

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Mike,
      I don’t have the records on that one handy.
      I suspect it may have a single core with a screen on it (the mic line), plus a number of additional cores. (maybe 6)
      But I would need to to confirm for me please.

      Best regards

      • Claeten says:

        Hi Paul,

        I am in the same boat as the other 2 fellas above. I can confirm that the curly cord has 1 screened core and additional 6 unscreened cores. It does also have an overall foil aswell.
        Can you look into an option and let us know please?


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