Microphone Curly Cords – Codan 9323

Codan-9323-Style-Replacement-Curly-Cord.jpgSome of the old Radio’s are getting very hard to source replacement parts for.  We have been asked to produce a replacement cord specifically suited for the Codan 9323 and other similar radio’s.

Brand new Curly Cord and Plug.
(Microphone not included)

Using new light weight and low profile screened 4mm Diameter Curly Cord, and new 7 pin plug.

These curly cords are a high quality cord that are constructed of multi-stranded copper conductors, with an overall spiral lapp screen, and a commercial quality sheathing material which is a special blend of Polyurethane.
This special sheathing material makes these cords UV Stable, Water Resistant, Grease and Oil Resistant, and Cut and Abrasion Resistant.

The special construction ensures the cords are flexible, yet hard wearing.

These particular Curly Cords are approximately 300mm when compressed, with approximately 150mm straight tails. and extend to some 1500mm total, including tails.

JUST $120.00/each +GST
FREE DELIVERY within Australia.
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Bulk orders welcome.
Discounts for 10+ Cords.
Additional Discounts for 100+ Cords.



We also offer an Economy Version which uses the same 7 pin plug, but uses much cheaper “CB Microphone” style cords.
These cords are similar to those used by other replacement cord suppliers.

Economy Model Just $90.00/each +GST
FREE DELIVERY within Australia.
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