Electronic Signal Curly Cords

We have an extensive range of “Electronic Signal Curly Cords”.
Uses include PRO-8C0.1FSCN-PUa.jpg

  • Electronic Signal
  • Data
  • Comms
  • CNC pendant cords
  • MPG:  Manual Pulse Generator cords
  • Nurse call sytem cords
  • Two way radio cords

Cable types include:PRO-2C0_5SCN-PUa.jpg

      • 1 Core 0.5mm² Screened
      • 2 Core 0.1mm² Individually Screened
      • 2 Core 0.22mm² Screened
      • 2 Core 0.5mm² Screened
      • 1 Twisted Pair 0.22mm² Screened
      • 1 Twisted Pair 0.5mm² Screened
      • 1 Twisted Pair 0.75mm² Screened
      • 1 Twisted Pair + 2 Cores 0.08m² Double Screened
      • 4 Core 0.14mm² Unscreened
      • 4 Core 0.15mm² Screened
      • 4 Core 0.5mm² Screened
      • 6 Core Miniature Tinsel Wire 2.5mm O.D. Unscreened
      • 6 Core Tinsel Wire Unscreened
      • 7 Core 0.08² ScreenedPRO-10C0.13-PUa.jpg
      • 7 Core 0.1mm² unscreened (limited quantity)
      • 8 Core 0.1mm² Screened
      • 8 Core (4 pr) Unscreened Cat5e
      • 10 Core 0.13mm² Unscreened
      • 10 Core 0.5mm² Unscreened
      • 12 Core 0.1mm² Screened
      • 13 Core 0.123mm² Unscreened PVC Sheathed
      • 25 Core 0.08mm² Screened
      • Custom (MOQ’s apply)PRO-4C0_14-PUa.jpg



Cords extend out a minimum of 3 times the compressed coil length.
Some extend 4 times, and others 5 times or more depending on the specific cable, and coil parameters.


Compressed Coil Lengths include:

      • 300mmPRO-6C0.13-PUa.jpg
      • 500mm
      • 1000mm
      • 1200mm
      • 1500mm
      • 1800mm
      • Custom coil lengths made to order (MOQ’s apply)

Straight tail length:

      • 150mmPRO-1P+2C0.08SCN-PU+7C0.08SCN-PUa.jpg
      • Custom tails lengths made to order (MOQ’s apply)










Note: Unless specifically indicated, all curly cords are supplied UPRO-4C0_5SCN-PUa.jpgNTERMINATED. Remember: we have an extensive range of connectors, and wiring accessories. Please ask us about these as well.

13 thoughts on “Electronic Signal Curly Cords

  1. charles says:

    Hi. I am looking for a retractable curly cord that can be used for a high level AC light fitting. The cord should be two core and about 1.8m length. Do you have this in stock and what cost would it be?

  2. Ron Berger says:

    Hi Paul,
    We are looking to source some Electronic Signal Curly Cords with the following specifications or similar:

    Cable: 4 Core 0.5mm² Screened
    Coil Length: 500mm. (Pricing for both 300mm and 500mm please)
    Straight tail length 150mm, ideally 300mm.

    Kind Regards,

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Ron,
      Thanks for your post (and email).
      We probably have a few of both lengths in stock with “standard” 150mm tails.
      We can also make them with extra long 300mm tails if you prefer.
      I will shoot you an email shortly.
      All the best…

  3. Pete says:

    Paul we are after

    ~~5 core screened
    Cable each core size 0.5mm
    Length 1.8mtrs

    We will need 3 x 1.8mtrs lengths (coiled)

    Can you send us a quote for these.




    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Pete,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      Sorry…i don’t currently have a 5 core 0.5mm screened cable that is suitable for coiling.

      We do a 4 core 0.5 screened?, or maybe a 5 core 1mm unscreened?, or 8 core 0.1mm screened?

      May I ask what is the specific application?


      All the best…


  4. trevor keene says:

    we are looking for a 2 core with shield cord approx 300mm coiled with an OD of approx 3mm – can you provide a list of stocked cords around this size please

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Trevor,
      Thanks for your comment.
      3mm is a little smaller than we currently have.
      I’ll shoot you some details via email now.

      Best regards

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Diana,
      Thanks for your message.
      We have a lovely little 7 core screened cable, in 4mm Black Polyurethane.
      And it’s copper conductors…so can easily be soldered!
      (not Tinel!)
      We do them in 300mm, and 500mm with 150mm tails. (longer lengths as well)

      Will shoot you a price next.
      All the best…

  5. Patrick cole says:

    Hi paul.
    Im looking for a price for a 1200mm length of 13 core
    Either 100mm to 200mm tails (but not a must)

    Cheers pat.

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