For the very simple cords, (like Telephone cords etc) we have ordering links included on the individual product page. For the majority of cords, we mainly work via quotes.

If the goods you are ordering are in stock: They will usually be dispatched the next business day after cleared payment has been received in full.

Most Curly Cord orders Include FREE DELIVERY using regular Australia Post (usually untracked) or similar road parcel service within Australia.

Travel time from date of dispatch typically: Brisbane 1-3 Days, Sydney & Northern Qld 2-5 Days, Melbourne 3-7 Days, Adelaide & Hobart 5-10 Days, Perth & Darwin 7-14 days

We also offer airbag/express delivery for an additional fee.
Please keep in mind that the airbags must generally be booked with the courier by 2.30pm, and we need time to process your order.
If not ready by cut off time, airbags will be sent the following business day.


We ship our goods all over Australia and beyond!World-map-flag.jpg


We have well over 1000 curly cords premade here in stock.

We keep thousands of meters of raw cable in stock to make cords on demand.

There are various levels of custom cords:

  • Custom curly cords where we have a suitable cable available from stock, and you just want custom coil lengths, tail lengths, diameters, or terminations:
    We can typically  make small orders within 2 weeks.  Sometimes much quicker. Often we can do these for even a single cord.
  • Custom curly cords where we don't have an existing cable available from stock:
    We may be able to source an existing cable from our massive extended range of indent cable. Generally Minimum Order Quantities will apply. Lead time varies depending on where the stock is. e.g. if the cable is available from within Australia, lead time might be 1-2 weeks, but if the stock held in say Germany:  it might take 4 weeks to arrive. Plus our time to process.
  • Custom curly cords where there is not a suitable cable available from stock, or from our extended range, we are able to get cable custom manufactured. Higher Min Order Quantities will apply, lead time will need to be confirmed, but as an indication lead time of fully custom manufactured cable might be of the order of 6-8 weeks to 12-14 weeks, plus our time to process.

Please email us with the details of your inquiry, and we will reply with a written quote, together with secure online ordering instructions.




14 thoughts on “Ordering

  1. Russ Gately says:

    I am looking for a 3 core (.75mm) power cable and have looked at your orange coloured cable and it looks like what I’m after.
    Could yopu please advise on price and availability for a 1m length.
    Thank you

  2. Ross McGowan says:

    Price and avaialbility of long curly cord in white to suit a Telstra T800 phone that is wall mounted

  3. Bryce says:

    Hi after this 12v
    PRO-1TP0.75FSCN-PU 2 Screened 0.75mm² Black Polyurehtane 5.5 22
    Just 1m length.
    Could you please email me a price and invoice to pay.
    Thanks heaps

  4. Lauren says:

    Hi there,

    We’re after a power board with a curley cord and also a normal extension cord with a curley cord.
    Just wondering if you can help?


    • Paul Scott says:

      HI Lauren,
      Sorry…I don’t have any power boards with integrated curly cords.
      I am not aware of such a product on the market.
      We supply the mains cords unterminated. (without plugs/sockets) They must be terminated by your electrician.
      Please feel free to email me with your details about lengths, and quantities, etc.
      Best regards.

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Woody,
      Sorry no.
      I don’t have any cable that is suitable for coiling at that size.
      In theory we could get some made, but we would need to order maybe 5km to get it made.

      Best regards

  5. Claude Schirripa says:


    I have a Doro wall phone. It has a white handset curly cord like stated it is smaller connecter than phone to wall socket.

    I just want a standard white curly cord for handset to phone.

    What is the cost?

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Claude,
      I didn’t get notification of the comment for some reason.
      Just found this pending approval, on the website.
      Sorry about that.
      Glad we get it sorted via email.

      Best regards

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