Surveillance Tower Curly Cords

PRO-C1-PUa.jpgWe supply many cords that are used for surveillance tower and similar applications.



Some of the options include:PRO-Y605-Straight-a.jpg

  • 4pr Cat5e + 2 cores 1.5mm² DC Power
  • 4pr Cat 5e UTP
  • 2x 4pr Cat5e UTP in a figure 8
  • Overall Screened Multi-core cable.
  • Some systems use twisted pair like Cat5e for IP Camera.
  • Multi-core cords to run PTZ camera systems.
  • As well as cords that include a mini co-ax for analogue cameras.
  • DC Power. Not only for the camera, but for IR or Visible illumination.





We can make small O.D. Cords to fit inside the mast. or Extra Large O.D. Cords to fit around the outside of the masts.







Where appropriate we can supply the cords fitted with water resistant fittings and/or connectors.





We currently have a special range of curly cords called:
2x4pr Cat5e Black & White jackets. (PTZ Cameras etc)
12x 1.5mm² Extra Low Voltage Power/Signal cores. “Not for Mains Connection.” (LED lighting etc)
Overall Heavy Duty 21mm  Black Polyurethane Sheath.
These cords can be made up to 1.8m compressed.

Prices on application. Please email with your detailed Inquiry.

4 thoughts on “Surveillance Tower Curly Cords

  1. Detective Constable George Schmidt says:

    Could someone contact me. We are retrofitting an Ingersol Rand Doosan Blackhawk MVS-6 mobile surveillance system and would like to know if you manufacture a curly cord/cable capable of controlling 3 IP cameras.



  2. Hasan Cirkic (Hussy) says:

    Hello Curlycords,

    I are trying to get the nesa camera curly cord with plugs from both ends as a plug and play.

    As the problem we have is on articulation vehicle the normal looms do not cut the mustered.







    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Hussy,

      Thanks for your comment (and email)

      I am not sure about the nesa brand cords.

      Do you have some details about the connectors you can email me?


      Best regards


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