Sensor Curly Cords

We supply a variety of sensor curly cords.     M12-Male-to-Female-Curly-Cord4a.jpg

Connector types include:

  • Connectorless/Pigtail
  • M8 Connectors
  • M10 Connectors
  • M12 Connectors
  • Custom (MOQ’s Apply)

Pin Counts include

  • 3 pin
  • 4 pin
  • 5 pinSensor-Cord-Blue1a.jpg
  • 8 Pin
  • Custom


  • MalePRO-2x0.5-PU-2a.jpg
  • Female


  • Straight
  • Right Angle


  • Black for general use.
  • Grey for general use.
  • Some versions can be supplied in Blue  for intrinsically safe applications.


Many other styles are possible.Sensor-Cord-Grey2a.jpg

Please contact us with details of your requirement.












10 thoughts on “Sensor Curly Cords

  1. Peter McKinlay says:

    G’day Paul,

    I’m chasing some 5-conductor curly cord, preferably with a silicon sheath, and hand solderable conductors (not nylon braided), terminated in pigtails. I also need the external diameter of the cable to be around 4.3mm.

    If possible, please provide a quote.

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Peter,
      We don’t make silicon sheathed curly cords, but most of our cords a made with very high quality Polyurethane sheath.
      Most of our cables can be easily soldered. (Except for a couple of special tinsel cords we make)
      I do have a cable in mind.
      I’ll be happy to send you the quote together with tech details.

      To enable me to prepare the quote, can you please tell me:
      1) How long would you like the cords? (extended length and/or retracted length),
      2) Tails: normal tails are 150mm. Is this sufficient?
      3) What type of connectors?
      4) Quantity?
      5) Brief description of your application. Is it for some sort of sensor?

      All the best…

  2. Peter McKinlay says:

    Hi Paul,

    Sorry for the delay in my reply.

    Extended length of 1.5m would be great, retracted length isn’t so critical.

    150mm would be plenty for tails.

    Both ends with tails would suit us- We have a few different makes and models with different wiring systems

    Quantity:20 or so would be great. We’re a service department, rather than a manufacturer. I presume you normally supply to OEMs?

    The application are external temperature sensors for scientific heater-stirrers (AKA hotplates)- These are quite often in the presence of high temperatures and/or rather aggressive chemicals, hence my preference for PFTE or silicon insulation.


    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Peter,
      the extended length of 1.5m would be easy.
      I’ll quote you as unterminated.
      We should be able to help with the plugs separately if you like? Please let me know the details, and I’ll cost those up for you as well.
      20 is fine.
      We sell to various levels of the market.

      We don’t make curly cords with PTFE or Silicon. (in our experience they just don’t coil well)
      So I’ll quote you Polyurethane.

      I’ll email you today.

      All the best…

  3. Bradley Raatz says:


    Chasing a price on 8core 1m extended length cable.

    need only about 100mm of tail.






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