Power and Control Curly Cords – PVC Mains Flex

PVC Mains Flex in Situ1a Lighting Cords

Often called “Lighting Cords” or “Shop fitting style curly cords”
Our Australian 240v style PVC Mains Flex Power Curly Cords are Generally used for, or known as:

  • 240v Pendant outlets Curly Cords
  • 240v Pendant lighting Curly Cords
  • Drop lighting Cords
  • Display Cabinets Power Cords
  • Refrigeration Curly Cords


Often used in shopping centres, service stations, hair dressers, and other retail stores or outlets. Also used in various many other applications that would benefit from a flexible, cosmetically appealing power cord.

These cords are often used for their “Cosmetic Effect”  I.E. to finish off the installation, and make the wiring look neat and tidy.

These cords must be terminated and installed by a licensed electrician.


  • Black
  • White.
  • Grey and Orange may also be available as specials. MOQ’s may apply.

Standard Core Count:


  • 3 Core (Including 1x Green/Yellow Earth)

Other cores counts include:


  • 2 Core
  • 4 Core (Including 1x Green/Yellow Earth)
  • 5 Core (Including 1x Green/Yellow Earth)

Common Core Sizes include:PVC Mains Flex Curly Cords

  • 1mm²
  • 1.5mm²
  • 2.5mm²


Additional Core Sizes (Primarily made to order)

  • 0.75mm²
  • 4mm²

Coil Lengths include:PVC Mains Flex Curly Cords

  • 300mm extends to 900mm
  • 500mm extends to 1500mm
  • 1000mm extends to 3000mm
  • 1800mm extends to 5400mm
  • Custom coil lengths made to order (MOQ’s apply)

Tail length:SONY DSC

  • 150mm
  • Custom tails lengths made to order (MOQ’s apply)

Most Cords are made to order.
Note: A small quantity of 3 core 300mm, 500mm,1000mm and 1800mm versions of each 1mm², 1.5mm², and 2.5mm² are usually available from stock, in both BLACK and WHITE.
Larger quantities are made to order.


Our numbers
PRO-F3010-1800-150-BK would be our nearest replacement for
Stokes SS-9000-B – RET-O-CORD 1.5/5MT 3 CORE 10A
PRO-F3010-1800-150-WH would be our nearest replacement for
Stokes SS-9000-W- RET-O-CORD 1.5/5MT 3 CORE 10A


P.O.A.: Priced on Application SONY DSC

Note: Not all core counts / core sizes / coil lengths available. Some MOQ’s may apply.

Please email sales@proconnect.com.au for prices.


Unless specifically indicated, all curly cords are supplied UNTERMINATED.  Plastic Coated Stainless Steel Wire Rope

These extended or Drop Lengths, are not set in stone, and due to the nature of the cords, they are somewhat flexible. The longer you extend them out…the more stretched out the cord looks.  And with these cords they are used for cosmetic effect…ie to make the job look nice. So some people like to work on a 2 to 2.5 time extension as they feel this give a nicer cosmetic effect. This of course is a matter of personal opinion, and ultimately it is up to the installer and client to determine what is best for the particular situation. But as a general rule in our opinion we say 3:1 ratio is about right.

This type of cord is generally considered non self retracting.

In fact in these applications you actually don’t want the cords to self retract. you want the cord to sit at the designated height. You can stretch these cords out, and they will generally sit at the stretched length.

In many of these applications these curly power cords are fitted off using a stainless steel wire through the centre of the cords which attaches to the light fixture or the pendant outlet.

Note: It is important to not use uncoated wire as this may have an abrasive effect on the cords!

We supply the Clear Plastic Coated 304 Stainless Steel Wire: SONY DSC

Part Number PRO-PC7716 1.6mm O.D. with a thin non abrasive clear nylon coating bring it to 2mm O.D. Can supply Cut lengths or bulk 305m rolls on request.


Swages and Crimp Tools Also Supplied. (Strip the outer sheathing off prior to fitting swages)

Ask us about pendant outlets as well.

Other plugs and sockets also available.

32 thoughts on “Power and Control Curly Cords – PVC Mains Flex

  1. John Everett says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m looking for a PVC mains Flex cord (240V), 3 Core, 300mm extending to 900 mm,

    Could you please advise me of the price. I understand that a minimum order requirement
    may mean that this won’t be feasible, but I’ve gotta give it a try.

    many thanks.

    • paulscott says:

      Hi John,
      Thanks for your comment.
      No worries…I actually have some premade here in stock at present.
      I’ll email you shortly.

      All the best…

  2. Gary Clifford says:

    I am enquiring regarding the cost of the “1800mm extends to 5400mm” PVC power cable.
    We will require 5 of them. Can you also advise when they would be available.


    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Gary,
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      We make them in several different conductor sizes.
      Some of them I currently have in stock.
      Please let me know the size you need, and i’ll email you the current price.
      oh..and Black and/or White?


  3. Daniel says:

    i am inquiring about the price of the PVC MAINS FLEX in black, 3 Core (including 1x Green/Yellow Earth), 1000mm extends to 3000mm with a 300mm tail on each end.

    Also what is the delivery time to Carrum downs Victoria.


    Daniel Kerber

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Daniel,
      I currently have in stock a few of each Black (and white) 3 Core 1000mm (1m) curly cords in 0.75mm, 1mm, 1.5mm and 2.5mm.
      The ones I have here have 150mm tails (they are standard)
      If you want 300mm tails, I would be happy to make them for you. (take about ~2 weeks)

      What conductor size would you like?

      All the best…

  4. Karen Ferguson says:

    Hi —

    I am looking for a stretchy curly cord like a phone handset cord in hot pink. I do not need any wires in it, just basically a stretch curly cord in hot pink. Do you have anything like that or can you make it? I am looking for approximately 4 or 5 yards.

    Thanks, Karen

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Karen,
      Hot Pink?
      Sorry…I don’t have anything like that…in any style of cable or cord.

      I’m not aware of it being available. But someone out there may have some.,
      But unfortunately not us.

      Sorry I was unable to assist you.

      All the best…

  5. chris mcgregor says:

    Hi, I need a quote for 15 x 4 meter, white cords to supply a DGPO on display shelving. 1.5mm² should be fine (unless you know any AS3000 regs that state other wise,)  is it possible to get it terminated as in the photo on your web site of the office ceiling or can you supply soft wiring terminations?


    Chris McGregor 

    Profile Electrical 

    0419 595 537

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      I assume that 4m is the extended or working length. (not compressed length). For these sorts of applications we supply them unterminated.

      I’ll email you the quote next.


      All the best…



  6. Kurt Sawyers says:

    Hi Paul

    I am after a price of 3 core 2.5mm and 3 core 1.5mm, 500mm to 1500mm PVC Mains Flex, as i will be ordering 9 of them for a government job i am doing, also the shipping time to Newcastle NSW,?? also happy to pay express post to recieve them ASAP,

    Also , awesome site you have here, i asked all the electrical whole salers in my area about these in question and not one had even heard of them,

    Many Thanks

    Kurt Sawyers

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Kurt,

      Thanks for your inquiry, and comments.

      I’ll quickly look these up for you and email you the quote next.

      I’ve heard that comment about the wholesalers many times in the past…We actually deal with many wholsalers, but obviously not all of them.

      I’ll have to do a better job at telling the wholsalers we exist 🙂


      All the best…


  7. Steve says:

    Hi I am after 2 x 500m lengths of 3 core (including green/yellow or earth) PVC Mains Flex in any coloured outer sheath with 2.5mm internal copper conductors.

    Can you please tell me price and availability.



    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      We mainly have 100m rolls, but can order 500m rolls if required.

      I’ll email you a quote next.

      All the best…



  8. colin grubb says:

    Hi Curly,

    I am repairing a 1980s flouro retracting pendant light fitting.  It has 2 curly cords of equal length, one cord is there for show, the other cord is connected to power.

    There is a retracting line that is threaded through the centre of each cord.


    Could I please get a price:


    2 x Black [is matte possible?]

    3 core / 1.5

    300mm extends to 900mm

    Outside diam 23mm  [each end needs to fit through a plastic tube]

    Tail 150mm [it would be preferable to have 300mm on the connected cord]


    I guess your ‘off the shelf’ cords are a better price point, is it possible to also get a quote on the closest of your standard cords as well?






  9. Nick says:

    Hi,looking for 1 x 1.5mm 500mm ext to1500mm could you give me a price inc shipping to Coffs Harbour 2450 please,thanks.



  10. David says:

    Are these cords able to be used for a power point fixed at a back of a drawer in kitchen?
    thank you

  11. Ryan Go says:

    I would like to inquire rubber curly cord 1.5mm.square, 5meter closed length, 4 core, quantity 10pcs.
    Please provide detail for payment and delivery to Qatar.

  12. Benny Smythe says:

    Hi im chasing a 2.5 curly mains cord for the back of a kitchen dtawer approx 300mm closed and 600mm open. Do you sell anything close to these lengths?
    Kind regards Ben

  13. Benny Smythe says:

    Looking for a power cord for a drawer unit in a kitchen to power 6 usb outlets. 500mm long extended approx.
    Regards Ben

  14. adam says:

    we need to modify a hair dryer in a commercial toilet what do you have to join
    your 240V curly cord to the shortened hair dryer lead

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Adam,
      Sorry…I don’t have any connectors specifically designed for this.
      I expect you could consult with your local electrical wholesaler for ideas.

      Best regards

  15. peter telford says:

    I am looking at a curly cord 2.5mm three core in white to extend to about eight metres. Is that do-able?
    If so what would be the approximate cost?

  16. Roy says:

    Hi Paul,
    I am after a curly cord about 5.3mm two core (240v), 10cm coiled length to extend to about 60 cm.
    It is for a massage chair. I am happy to send some pictures in case you need more details.
    How much would it cost + postage to Melbourne?

    Thank you

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Roy,
      6:1 extension ratio is very high.
      Most normal cables would not extend that far.
      We might be able to do something in a Polyurethane cable, wound to a slightly bigger diameter coil than normal.
      Yes…Pictures may help. Thanks.

      Best regards

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