Power and Control Curly Cords – Number Coded PU

Premium Grey Polyurethane Sheathed 300/500v Control Cable.
PRO-XXX-PU Range is a multi-conductor, flexible control cable with a rugged, abrasion-resistant polyurethane jacket.
The polyurethane jacket is UV resistant and is resistant to mineral oils, cutting fluids and mechanical abuse typically found in machining and grinding operations.

  • Hydrolysis Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Nominal Voltage Rating 300/500vPRO-4G0.5-PUa.jpg
  • Test Voltage 4000vPRO-2X1-PUa.jpg


  • Low Profile ConstructionPRO-7G0_5-PUa.jpg
  • Finely stranded bare copper conductors,
  • Specially Blended PVC Insulation
  • Black Cores, with White Numbering
  • Oil & abrasion resistant Grey Polyurethane outer sheathPRO-12G1-PUa.jpgPRO-18G1-PUa.jpg

Please note:
Not all sizes & configurations are kept in stock.
Order MOQ’s may apply.
Number of cores include:

  • 2 Core (no earth)
  • 3 Core (including 1x Green/Yellow Earth)
  • 4 Core (including 1x Green/Yellow Earth)
  • 5 Core (including 1x Green/Yellow Earth)
  • 7 Core (including 1x Green/Yellow Earth)
  • 12 Core (including 1x Green/Yellow Earth)
  • 18 Core (including 1x Green/Yellow Earth)
  • 25 Core (including 1x Green/Yellow Earth)

Core Sizes include:

  • 0.5mm²
  • 0.75mm²
  • 1mm²
  • 1.5mm²
  • 2.5mm²

Coil Lengths include:

  • 300mm
  • 500mm
  • 1000mm
  • 1200mm
  • 1500mm
  • 1800mm
  • Custom coil lengths made to order (MOQ’s apply)

Straight tail length:

  • 150mm
  • Custom tails lengths made to order (MOQ’s apply)

Note: Unless specifically indicated, all curly cords are supplied UNTERMINATED.

Ask us about outlets as well.

These cords are rated to extend some Three times the compressed length ie a 3:1 Ratio.


21 thoughts on “Power and Control Curly Cords – Number Coded PU

  1. Daniel Groen says:

    I am looking for this POWER AND CONTROL CURLY CORDS – PUR GREY.

    300/500v. 4 core. 3000mm stretched, so I beleive 1000mm coil length?? It needs to be in a food environment, so please advise what jacket we need. I am thinking the oil & abrasion may work.

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Daniel,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Yes… because of the special properties of our sheathing materials, our Polyurethane jacked cords are generally considered “Ideally suited for applications in the Food & Beverage industry.”
      Yes…a 1m cord will extend to 3m.
      So we just need to know your desired core size.

      All the best…


    I have an urgent customer requiremnt for a 2.5 metre 2.5mm 30 core Curly cord. Do you have in stock and if so my price and can we get it shipped by overnight courier. What city does the product come out of ?? I need to know tis morning to nesure getting product available for tomorrow for new complex opening.


    • Paul Scott says:

      30 cores? that would defiantly be a special.
      That would be quite a mother of a cord. 🙂
      I would need to see about ordering in the cable in for that.
      Certainly not off the shelf.

      All the best…


    please confirm price and stock availability of a 2.5 metre 2.5mm 3 core curly cord, prefer white or grey. I need very urgently for a customer in an overnight courier bag for the opening of a new commercial complex. please respond as early as possible this morning.
    my ohoine number is 07 46628330

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi John,
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      1.8m is the maximum we can make (in the compressed state) they extend to say 5.4m or so.
      I do have some premade here in stock at present. In both Black and White.
      I will email you a quote next thing…
      All the best…

  4. Malcolm McCormack says:

    Hi I have just installed a electric chain hoist in my workshop and resuire a curly power cord. 415 volt 2.5mm square 4 core cable it currently has a very flexable black cable from the usa but it is too short. So I was going to replace it with a curly cord, I have installed 6 cable carrier roller guides above the unit to carry the cable the extended lenght is 4.5m and the straight ends can be 300mm+ the spirals can be up to 100mm Dia are you able to help and I would prefer black cord. Please let me know best regards Malcolm 0408 898 160

  5. Kezza says:

    Hi I would like to get a grey 2.5mm 3 core with earth curly cord at 300mm with a female and male end x6 of them how much would that cost and how fast could send them out to sydney city centre

  6. zhane namata says:

    Hi i’m zhane i want to know how much a curly cord #16 6 conductors by 10 meters?

    thank you.

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Zane,
      Thanks for your inquiry. Sorry for my delay. We are still on holidays until next week.
      Is that one length of 10m? (I would assume when it’s extended….not compressed)
      Either way…10m seems very long. May I ask….where/how is it to be used?
      Please email me details if you can.

      Best regards

  7. John Cox says:

    Hi Paul
    Need a price on a curly power cord that will extend to 3.5 metres, 1.5mm cable with 7 cores

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