Other Products

Apart from our main extensive range of curly cords, we also supply a vast array of other products. Almost all of which fully compliment our range.

Types of products include

  • Cables,PRO-3G1-5-PU-Straight-a1.jpg
    Almost all of the cables used in our curly cords can also be ordered straight.
    In addition we have a massive range of other straight cable that we use for straight cords, that is also available straight by the roll.
    Because of our excellent direct relations with our manufacturers, and are in a position to offer great deals on both standard and custom cable for our clients! MS Armoured cord



  • Wire Rope
    We supply Stainless Steel Wire Rope. Usually plastic coated, but other types as well.



    Retractor Mechanism with ratchet lock down feature. 0.5 to 2kg capacity. 2.5m stroke.










  • Connectors,
    Mil Spec Connector SetWow! Our connectors could take a whole website. We have connectors for almost all applications. Computer, Audio, Video, Data, Comms, Mains Power, Industrial, Commercial etc..etc…



  • Pre-fab Leads, PRO-15PBEXT10m-Piggy-Back-Leads-a.jpg
    We have a massive range of excellent quality well priced prefab leads for almost all categories of use. Including:
    Computer, Audio, Video, Data, Comms, Mains Power, Industrial, Commercial etc..etc…



  • Custom Cords
    We make and supply a plethora (I love tPRO-USB-Serial-Adapterhat word) of custom leads.
    Over the years we have made thousands of custom cords!


  • Adapters
    see above



  • Wiring accessories etc.
    • Heat Shrink  Power-Supply-90w-12v-to-24v-+-5v-USB-Multi-Tip-a.jpg
    • Grommets
    • Glands
    • Hole Plugs
    • Bushes
    • Nylon Screws & Nuts
  • Power Supplies, Plug Pack
    5v 12v 19v 24v DC AC others

7 thoughts on “Other Products

  1. Michael D'Andrea says:

    Hi there,
    I’m looking for an adaptor – can have a short cord to connect and doesn’t need to be curly. It is IEC 62320 C8 to IEC 62320 C13 so that I can test and tag laptop power cords. Can you make them and how much would it cost to send to WA?
    Best regards

  2. Glenn Chapman says:

    G’day I’m looking for a 10/15 way male/female mini bayonet connectors and would like to know if you stock these and if so how much for the pair of them?.


  3. Dan Martin says:

    I was just wondering if you have the phone cord detanglers and how much they are. I have tried to discipline myself to not change hands but I still do it.

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