Microphone Curly Cords XLR to 6.5

Curly Cord XLR Female to 6.5mm 1/4″ MonoXLR to 1/4 microphone curly cord


Microphone Curly Cord
PRO-XLRF-6.5TS-300-CC Approx 300mm. Extends to approx 1.5m $32.00 Click here to order
PRO-XLRF-6.5TS-500-CC Approx 500mm. Extends to approx 2.5m $45.00 Click here to order
PRO-XLRF-6.5TS-1000-CC Approx 1000mm. Extends to approx 5m $58.00 Click here to order

Microphone Curly Cord XLR to 6.5 1/4" Jack

2 thoughts on “Microphone Curly Cords XLR to 6.5

  1. nickel says:

    Hi there.
    I wonder if you had a Microphone Curly Cord like the PRO-XLRF-6.5TS-300-CC
    But without the end plugs. Just the cord
    Need to be outer diameter 4.45mm (or there about and two core or two core shielded)
    The outer jacket needs to be ruber and to extent to about 1.5 to 1.7 meters.
    If you do could you please quote for six of them posted to Melbourne 3072?
    Kind regards

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