Load Cell Curly Cords

PRO-4C0_5SCN-PUa.jpgWe have a very nice cable that is often used for wiring up load cells.


  •     PRO-4C0.5SCN-PU

This cable will easily accommodate standard load cell wiring, as well as RTD’s
4 core 20AWG 0.75mm² 45/.12, 110/.1 Spiral Lapp Screened, 6.2mm O.D.
Core Colours: Red, Black, Green with Red Stripe, and White with Black Stripe.

  • 300mm,
  • 500mm,
  • 1000mm,
  • 1800mm.
  • Robust design
  • Extend up to 4 times the compressed length!!
  • Excellent memory
  • Water Resistant,
  • UV Stable,
  • Cut & Abrasion Resistant,
  • Good Chemical resistance against Oils, Grease and Fuels. etc.

Straight cable is also supplied on 150m spools, and cut lengths.

Both of these cords have very special Polyurethane jackets.

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