Lighting Tower Curly Cords

PRO-12G1_5-PUa.jpgMany of our Multi-core Power & Control Cords are used for lighting circuits in extendable lighting towers.

In addition to the standard configurations many can be configured as “XS” Extra Stretch cords to allow for the extra height required for some taller lighting tower applications.




We have also make cords using Tinned Copper Braid Screened cable which have been used in mining/pit applications where the lighting cords are required to have “metallic covering which is electrically continuous, connected to earth, protected from corrosion and securely attached to the equipment at both end

PRO-5G4YLPURa Yellow Polyurethane Curly Cord


Shown is a picture of the 12G1.5 but other configurations may also be possible.



Please email  with your detailed inquiry.PRO-12G1_5SCN-PUa.jpg





2 thoughts on “Lighting Tower Curly Cords

  1. william zafiropoulos says:

    hi, i need 6 metres of curly cord to connect 4 fluoro lights on a ceiling (and i dont want to use normal electrical wire in a  duct-it would look ugly)

    grey is good. my electrician says a 3 core wire of 1.5mm copper.

    i am in sydney. and would like express delivery.

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