Double Length Curly Cords

PRO-2x1800-12G1-5PU2a.jpg Should you require an extremely long cords, we are able to make Double Length Cords.

Which are basically two cords wound “Back to Back” to achieve even longer extensions.


This is a somewhat difficult process, so we only offer it where our standard lengths will not suffice.


Shown is a picture of the 12G1.5 but other configurations may also be possible.




Please email with your detailed inquiry.



One thought on “Double Length Curly Cords

  1. Kevin Thyer says:

    Hello Paul.
    I am looking for some curly cord for a moveable safety limit switch. I see that you have double lengths available. I am after 2 core, 110 volt rated, and probably no more than 0.5mm2 csa. Would you give me some pricing and lengths for these per each.
    Kevin Thyer
    Acme Services & Repairs
    81 Archibald St.
    Mackay Qld 4740
    Ph 0418776112

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