Custom Cords


We make many specials and one off cords for clients.

In addition many of our cords (both curly and straight) started off as custom cords for a specific client / applications.

We welcome the opportunity to investigate new uses for our cords.

If you have any potential applications for curly cords we would love to hear from you.

Please email with your ideas.

10 core mod curly cord set 1 2 pin Lemo to BNC Cords Fischer to BNC Data Collector Cord 8 Pin Din Cord Barcode Scanner Curly Cord






Electric Bed Controller Cord

















































18 thoughts on “Custom Cords

  1. Neil De Alwis says:


    I would like a curly USB style cord for my DUAL GPS receiver. I can send you pictures of the plug in end which goes into the unit itself. The other end is a USB end.


  2. Stephen Behn says:


    I am building and aeroplane and require strain releif for some control cables that run along between moving parts can you produce a cable, straight  for 500mm curly for 75mm straight for 50mm curly for 75mm then straight for 500mm the cable needs to be 5 core minimum 7 core would be great 22 to 24guage wire and I require 2 of them if this is possible could you give me a price and let me know the OD of the wire and OD of the curly section. I live in Iluka northern NSW


    Steve Behn

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      That certainly is a tricky one.

      I’ll give it some thought and get back to you via email.

      Best regards


  3. David Heintze says:


    I am after some cable to replace the cord on a diagnostic handset. 6 Core, 600mm long from wire tip to wire tip, coil compressed.



    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Dave,

      I’m sure I can help.

      Do you have any more information about the cable?

      Are there any numbers printed on the side of the cable?

      We would need some idea of size etc.

  4. Matthew says:

    Hi wondering if you could help I have a 44ft horse truck and am looking at making a Suzi coil type plug to hook up 3 cod cameras that I have to view the horses issue is that it needs to be 12pin and need connectors at both ends any help would be much appreciated

  5. paul webster says:

    after a 2.5mm 3 core and earth braided curly cord. application is a hazard area class II zone 1. if orange PVC with braid this will work.

  6. Aron Williams says:

    Awesome! Next question, can the curliness right up to the base of the plug or is a straight length required (& if yup to a straight bit, is there a minimum length to this part of the cord)? Cheers.

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