Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad style Curly Cords



PRO-PF-USBAM-L-CC1 Data Sync Charge Curly Cord Cable
USB to Lightning
100mm Coil (when compressed) with 100mm straight Tails.
Approx. 300mm Extends to 1.2m.Designed to fit all modern iPhone models including 7 6 6S Plus 5 5S SE iPad iPod
(Sometimes called a 1.6m or 5 foot, as that is the total amount of cable in the cord.)
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We have a limited number of USB to iPod 30 Dock connector.

Sometimes called 1m cords because that is how much cable is in them.

USB to iPod Style 30 pin Dock Connector Curly Cord

Approx 80 mm (8cm) coil + short straight tails.
Will extend to a max of around 700 mm or so. (0.7m)

They are just the shot to tidy up your car stereo, or when charging the iPod at your desk.

Part Number: PRO-PF-USBAM-DOCK30-CC1
$17.50/each +GST including FREE Delivery within Aus.

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Note: These are the old style dock connector for older models.



4 thoughts on “Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad style Curly Cords

  1. Luke says:

    Can you make a 3.5mm male to female audio curly cord that will comfortably run across 5 metres of floor (the space between my TV and my armchair)? I’m guessing it’d want to be around 10 metres long in total so as not to pull too tight?

  2. Dennis says:

    Hi can you make a cord for 30 pin iPad plug that extends to 1 mt. If so how much would it be? I’m in Sydney.

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