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Company Name:
A.B.N.: 73 082 455 221

We prefer to operate via email.
Please e-mail all inquiries.

-Thank you for your understanding.


Email is almost always answered within 24 hours. Often much quicker.
(Excluding weekends/holidays).
If you have not heard from us, please check your spam folder.

Why do we request all correspondence come via email rather than phone?

  1. Sales E-mails come straight to Paul, who will be assisting with your inquiry.
    *Paul checks emails several times a day.
  2. Paul is usually either head down in the workshop with his hands full, or working from his home office (which does not have cell phone coverage), and so therefor is often not in a position to answer the phone.
  3. Sending emails prevents you from getting frustrated at having to leave a message on the answering service.
  4. The workshop is often manned by stores and production staff only.
  5. Many of our inquiries can get a little technical, and it’s really helpful for both parties to have written details to refer to.
  6. Many of our inquiries are very similar, so a written record really helps keep inquiries separate.
  7. We find having all the correspondence via email greatly improves trace-ability, and significantly reduces misunderstandings.
  8. We may offer multiple options for you to consider. Which is far easier over email.
  9. Emailed quoted usually include ordering links and other information.

Therefore we do not generally do telephone sales…we operate almost exclusively via email.



We hate SPAM with a passion, and would NEVER give out your e-mail address.

We operate almost exclusively via email. E-mail contact is almost always best.

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We would love to meet you!
Because we don’t operate a showroom or trade counter,
nor keep strict office hours:
Visitors by appointment only please.

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 5705 Brendale Business Centre
Queensland Australia 4500

6 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Deb Hollingsworth says:

    Hi there, my dad has just given me an old Bakelite telecom phone from 1952, was wondering if u would have the necessary cords to make it work?

    THanks so much


  2. david kelly says:

    hi i need a price per meter ( 5-10 m )  of coated stainles wire .

    i also need a quote for short lanyard with  swaged looped ends ( 300 mm extended ) price per 500 !


    david kelly

    backcountry brakes

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi David,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I’ll email you a price on our two sizes of stainless steel wire.

      our non-electrical lanyard cords don’t have looped ends, but we can do crimped ring terminals. how will that work for you?

      Also…we make a couple of different sizes. 3mm and 4mm and 7mm etc…. do you have an idea of which size you might like?


      All the best..



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