If you are looking for any sort of curly cords…you found it!


www.CURLYCORDS.com.au is owned  and operated by PROCONNECT PTY LTD. www.PROCONNECT.com.au

We  are a full time manufacturer and supplier of Curly Cords. Produced right here in our small family owned commercial facility in the Brendale Industrial Area, in Brisbane, Australia.

We have been been in business since 1998 & prior to this our principle worked for a custom cable manufacturer, and was specifically involved in the custom cable assembly, & cable and connector field since 1988.




Note: Curly Cords are also known by many names including:

  • Curly Cable / Curly Cords.
  • Spiral Cable / Spiral Cords.
  • Coiled Cable / Coiled Cords.
  • Coiley Cable / Coiley Cords.
  • Spring Cable / Spring Cords.
  • Curley Cable / Curley Cords.
  • Slingshot Cable / Slingshot Cords
  • Suzi Cable / Suzi Cords / Suzi Coils.
  • Retractable Cables / Retractable Cords.
  • Several other names.




We are very please to now be able to offer FREE (regular road transport) Delivery for most orders Australia wide. Clients also have the option to pay extra for express or air freight to most locations as well.

 Buy from an Australian Company!



Our range is extensive. Examples Include:

  • Single core cable and cords.
  • Multi core cable and cords.
  • Data cable and cords.
  • Control cable and cords.
  • Instrumentation cable and cords.
  • Power cable and cords.
  • Audio/Video cables and cords.
  • Custom cables and cords.
  • Connectors
  • Wiring Accessories

Examples applications include:

  • Pendant lighting and outlets
  • Robotics
  • Hand held instruments
  • Data collector leads
  • Accelerometer cords
  • Cords for work lights
  • Lighting tower cables
  • Laser tag style games
  • Medical instruments
  • Microphone cords
  • Video camera cables
  • Specialist truck and trailer cords
  • Extra long communications cords
  • …the list goes on….and on…and on…




Note: Most of our cords are made to order.

  • Providing we have a suitable cable available from stock, we can typically make small orders within 2 weeks. Sometimes much quicker.
  • For larger (Production) quantities and ongoing requirements, we recommend placing a scheduled order.
  • We carry many types of cable in stock, and have access to a massive range of indent cable, so we can make cords on demand. Sometimes even a single cord is O.K.
  • We also offer an express order service: For a surcharge we may be able to put your order to the front of the queue… with a view to producing cords in 3 working days.
  • We also have a limited range of cords pre-made on the shelf. (If you call over 100 configurations Limited)
  • For specials, and other cords where we do not have a suitable raw cable available, we will organize to have cable made specifically. Sometimes with a MOQ as low as 100 cords.
  • All cords include 150mm nominal straight tails at each end. (unless otherwise specified)
  • Unless specifically indicated, all curly cords are supplied UNTERMINATED. “Blunt Cut”
  • Most types can be supplied either terminated or unterminated.- Ask us about termination.
  • We also have an extensive range of connectors and other wiring accessories available.
  • In addition to our own manufactured cords, we also supply some great pre-fabricated cords as well.


We are a small, family owned business, so for prompt, personal attention, please drop us an e-mail

with the details of your inquiry.

Also please check out our FAQ and also please drop by our company web site at:

Please let us know how we can be of service.

Best Regards

Paul Scott




  1. Great blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download
    it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple adjustements
    would really make my blog shine. Please let me know where you got
    your design. Cheers

    • paulscott

      Hi there.
      Thanks for your comments.
      I am new to WordPress. I actually looked at ages ago…but didn’t use it at the time.

      Regarding the theme…It’s actually one I called ARRAS got from Project AR2
      or at

      Best regards

  2. Thank you so much for utilizing some time to compose “www.
    CURLYCORDS.com.au | The home of Captain Curly Cords!
    ”. Thank you for a second time ,Deborah

  3. Colin Simmons

    I am making up 2 12v L E D lights for my camper trailer I think 2x 500mm cord should be long enough what do you suggest, and how much and shipping to Perth.
    Thank You;
    Colin Simmons

    • Hi Colin,
      Thanks for your comment/inquiry.
      I will shoot you an email shortly.
      All the best…

    • Hi Colin,
      Before I could offer a cord, it would be important to know the wattage of your led lights.
      All the best…

  4. Malcolm Harrington

    Do you manufacture a coily cable for 240 volt power. required for a sliding door sliding about 1.6 mtr on a freezer room. Current draw aprox 1amp. The anti sweat heater is built into the bottom of the door and an attaching point on the top and end. The cable would be plugged or wired into a point so when closed the cable is extended. It would be heavy use as the door is opened several times a day.

    • Hi Malcolm,
      I have certainly seen curly cords used for similar situations.
      I’ll email you shortly…

      All the best.

  5. Glenn Chapman

    G’day Paul,
    Thanks for the quick reply to my enquiry, I have ordered the recommended plugs.
    Thanks mate.


    • Hi Glenn,
      Thank you for your order.
      All the best…

  6. Ed

    Can you make a two core Curley cable using 3 B&S cable? Total length 3.5 metres.
    Ed 0418 236 338

    • Hi Ed,
      That would run about 26mm²
      That’s probably too large for a curly cord.


      All the best…



    • Hi Omprakash (?)
      This would certainly be a special make for us.
      The problem would be the availability of a suitable cable.
      It’s not one we have, so would need to get a quantity of cable manufactured.
      So the minimum quantity of cords would be significant.
      If you are interested in getting a number of cords made (Maybe 100?), please let me know a few more technical details about the cable, and I’ll look into it for you.
      All the best…


    i need curly cod cable use for camera 3 miter 6core with SDI VIDEO and HDMI INCLUDE use for camera 12 and 24 watt power use totally 8core i need plz i am waiting u r call or mail thank u

    • Hi Omprakash (?)
      For a single cord, unfortunately I cannon help you.
      This would certainly be a special make for us.
      The problem would be the availability of a suitable cable.
      It’s not one we have, so would need to get a quantity of cable manufactured.
      So the minimum quantity of cords would be significant.
      If you are interested in getting a number of cords made (Maybe 100?), please let me know a few more technical details about the cable, and I’ll look into it for you.
      All the best…

  9. mark gerdovic

    Hi I an interested in purchasing retractable/ curly cords for iPhones 4/5 and iPads 2 / Air models.
    What options do you have available for a corporate environment and the lead time for delivery?

    kind regards


    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      We have some of the older 30 pin dock style ones listed here http://www.curlycords.com.au/home/3-5mm-audio-and-ipod-style-curly-cords/
      We have trialled some of the new lightning ones, and will probably add them to the website.
      All the best…

      • Mark gerdovic

        Hi Paul
        Thank you for your prompt reply but your failed to advise if I could get the lighting charger cables?

        Also I have had another request. Do you provide a retractable multi charger cable for an iPad2,iPhone 4 , iPhone 5, iPad Air and blackberry and Samsung phones tablets etc.

        Basically looking for an all in one cable?

        • Hi Mark,
          We have run trials on curly lightning cords, and the look to be something I will include in my range.
          I’ll be putting the details up shortly.
          So I’ll email you a quote as well. (I’ll do that today)

          As for your other request….a multi charger cable (all in one) sorry that’s not something I can offer.

          All the best…

  10. Paul Escott

    Hi Paul. I found your site as I'm searching for a curly cord to fit to a set of sports aviation headsets. Needless to say I was really surprised when I saw your name! Then when I noticed your location I decided it must be fate that I talk with you, I live in Sandgate. The world is surely a funny place and full of coincidence :-)

    Please email me some contact details and/or your Brendale site address.


    Paul Escott

    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for finding us :)

      We supply many cords for similar applications. So we should definitely be able to help you.

      We don’t run regular office hours here. So if you are planning of paying a visit, it’s best to firm up a time 1st.

      Details are below…

      For sales please email Paul Scott at: Sales@PROCONNECT.com.au

      Company Name:
      A.B.N.: 73 082 455 221

      Office Address:
      Unit 1, 5 Belconnen Cres Brendale
      Queensland Australia 4500

      Postal Address:
      P.O. Box 5705 Brendale Business Centre
      Queensland Australia 4500

      We operate almost exclusively via email.
      E-mail contact is almost always best.
      Workshop Phone 07 3205 8425
      If phones are temporarily unattended;
      Please leave a full detailed message, or preferably send an e-mail.

      Workshop Fax 07 3205 4984


      Hope to speak with you soon…

      All the best…


  11. Rod Pascoe


    i am fitting solar panels to a roofrack on 2 vehicles that require the solar panels to slide out from under the rack and stay plugged in. Can you Reccomendation a curly cable for this application?

    The solar panels are 200w 12v items. They are supposedly rated at 8.2a. My calculations rate them at double that at 12v. 

    Thank you.


    • Hi Rod,

      Yes…I think there is something wrong with those numbers.

      How far would you say the cords need to extend to?


      All the best…


  12. Julie Roy

    We are looking for a cord that can stay in the ceiling (there is a GPO installed) and when we need to use it we pull down the cable and when we don't need it it retracts back up.  Similar to the lights of the 70's that sat over the dining table.  We just don't want the light.

    • Hi Julie,

      Thanks for your message.

      The old style lights used PVC cords and also included a retractor mechanism.

      We can supply the cords…but not the rectactor mechanism i’m sorry.

      I don’t believe they are available to purchase seperately these days.

      I do know they do still come as part of some light fittings.


      It’s not the same, but i wonder if one of our orange polyurethane cords might help you there?



      Best regards



      Best regards


  13. Richard

    Hi do you do a two core cable for a led work light ten meters long unstreched?

    • Hi Richard,
      When you say 10m “unstretched” I am not sure if you mean compressed? where all the coils are pushed up and toughing each other.
      Or maybe extended? like a practical working length. (which I guess could be called stretched?)
      1.8m is our normal maximum compressed coil length. they extend out by varying amounts…depending the the specific cable and coil parameters.

      Some of our cords will extend that far, but we will need to confirm their suitability for you specific voltage/current etc.

      Best regards

  14. patrick Wesley

    Looking for 5 pin Curley cable for reverses camera between. Car and caravan

    • I Patrick,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We have made them as specials in the past…but these days it’s probably something you can order premade from one of the importers of the cameras.

      Best regards…

  15. Brenton Ellard

    I require a curly cord with an ID of 30mm, 2 Core 1.5mm squared, with an extended length of 2.2 metres, with straight ends approximately 100mm long.
    It is needed for an extendable pole with an LED light attached drawing approximately 3 amps.
    Can you please give a price at your convenience.

    Regards, Brenton

    • Hi Brenton,

      Thanks for your message.
      I suspect you mean 30mm O.D. the outside diameter of the coil?

      I’ll email you shortly.

      Best regards


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