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If you are looking for any sort of curly cord…you found it! is owned and operated by PROCONNECT PTY LTD.

We  are a full time manufacturer and supplier of Curly Cords. Produced right here in our small family owned commercial facility in the Brendale Industrial Area, in Brisbane, Australia.

Australia-map-flag Buy from an Australian Company!

Free Delivery1As we are primarily a business to business supplier:
All prices listed on our websites, or quoted via phone or email are exclusive of GST.
(Add 10% GST for Australian orders.)

We are very please to now be able to offer FREE Delivery (regular Australia post or similar service) for all Curly Cord orders Australia wide.
Clients also have the option to pay extra for express or air freight to most locations as well.

We are a small, family owned business, so for prompt, personal attention, please drop us an e-mail with the details of your inquiry.

Please let us know how we can be of service.

Best Regards

Paul Scott

Curly Cord Retractor

  Retractor Mech Part Number: PRO-RM2M The special retractor mechanism has an integrated ratchet feature. When pulled down it latches in place. To raise it again, simply give it a slight downward pull down (not to the side), and rapidly push upwards. (while maintaining control!) Very similar in operation to Venetian blinds. Often these retractors […]

Telephone Curly Cords

  Australian standard handset cords / Universal Telephone Handset cords Fits all corded telephones. These cords come complete with standard small 4P4C Modular plugs at each end. 4P4C modular plugs are often various names. Including RJ11, RJ22, RJ10, or RJ9. These cords go from the wall or desk mounted telephone to the handset. These cords […]

Microphone Curly Cords XLR to 6.5

Curly Cord XLR Female to 6.5mm 1/4″ Mono   Microphone Curly Cord PRO-XLRF-6.5TS-300-CC Approx 300mm. Extends to approx 1.5m $32.00 Click here to order PRO-XLRF-6.5TS-500-CC Approx 500mm. Extends to approx 2.5m $45.00 Click here to order PRO-XLRF-6.5TS-1000-CC Approx 1000mm. Extends to approx 5m $58.00 Click here to order

3.5mm Audio

Short little curly cords with 3.5 mm Audio connectors. Often just the thing for audio interconnects between say MP3 player / iPod and Car stereo etc. PRO-PF-3.5M-M-CC1 3.5mm audio Male to Male Approx 80mm coil. Extends to approx 0.8m max $12.50 Click here to order PRO-PF-3.5M-F-CC2 3.5mm audio Male to Female Approx 80mm coil. Extends […]

Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad style Curly Cords

    PRO-PF-USBAM-L-CC1 Data Sync Charge Curly Cord Cable USB to Lightning 100mm Coil (when compressed) with 100mm straight Tails. Approx. 300mm Extends to 1.2m.Designed to fit all modern iPhone models including 7 6 6S Plus 5 5S SE iPad iPod (Sometimes called a 1.6m or 5 foot, as that is the total amount of […]



PRO-HDMI-200-CC HDMI Male to Male Extends to 1m Max (2m length before coiling) approx 200mm coil, 50mm tails. $45.00 Click here to order PRO-HDMI-500-CC HDMI Male to Male Extends to 2.4m Max (5m length before coiling) approx 500mm coil, 50mm tails. $58.00 Click here to order   Full size HDMI to Mini and Micro version […]

USB 2.0 Curly Cords

USB Male to Female Extension Cords. Sometimes called 1m cords because that is the total length of cable in the cord. Approx 80 mm (8cm) coil + short straight tails. Will extend to a max of around 800 mm or so. (0.8m) PRO-PF-USBAM-USBAF-CC1 $12.50 +GST Includes FREE DELIVERY Australia wide Add to Order     […]

USB AM to Mini B 5m Curly Cord


For these cords we take prefabricated USB cords, and coil them. USB 2 Cords are generally either Black or Clear/Silver depending on current stock.   PRO-USB-AM-AM-5m-CC USB A Male to A Male 5m total length cord. Coiled into curly cord. Approx 600mm compressed, to extend to 2m. $25.00 Click here to order       […]


USB Cords PVC Single Ended

USB Cords for Steering Wheels used for Race Car Simulators or other hard wired applications These cords use a Fully screened cable (Foil and drain wire, or Braid) with Molded Connector. Connector has integral molded strain relief. PVC Sheath. USB A Male to Blunt Cut           PRO-USB-1.7m-CC-CL USB A Male to […]

RJ45 Data/Network Curly Cords

We offer a special Industrial Grade Cat5e UTP Network cable These do not use ordinary cat5e cable. This special construction includes highly stranded wire:- 45 super fine strands of 0.08mm² 45/.08bc, Also included is a Kevlar central strength members,   And our special polyurethane jacket. These cords extend up to 4 times their compressed length. […]

Sensor Curly Cords

We supply a variety of sensor curly cords.     Connector types include: Connectorless/Pigtail M8 Connectors M10 Connectors M12 Connectors Custom (MOQ’s Apply) Pin Counts include 3 pin 4 pin 5 pin 8 Pin Custom Gender: Male Female Orientation Straight Right Angle Colours Black for general use. Grey for general use. Some versions can be supplied in […]

3 Pin Plug to IEC C13

    Qty Coiled Power Cords with Connectors Price Each 1-9 PRO-3PP-C13-2M-CC 3 Pin Plug to IEC Female C13 Curly Cord 2m length (before coiling) approx 230mm coil, 100mm tails. Extends to approx 1m $21.00 Click here to order 10-99 PRO-3PP-C13-2M-CC 3 Pin Plug to IEC Female C13 Curly Cord 2m length (before coiling) approx […]

12v & 24v DC Power Curly Cords

Curly cords used for 12v & 24v DC systems. EXTRA LOW VOLTAGE ONLY- NOT FOR MAINS CONNECTION Some of the uses of these cords include: LED Floodlight/Spotlight on 4wd Mobile fridge freezers Plug-in/cigarette lighter mobile appliances Hand Held Spotlights Mobile equipment hookups-interconnects Wired remotes: winches etc Note: Depending on the application, many people also use […]

Steering Wheel Curly Cords

We have a special range of curly cords that are used for wiring the pushbutton & toggle switch controls etc, on the car’s (or boat’s) steering wheel to switch relays. For Gear Change,  Nitrous,  etc Most have high quality Black Polyurethane jackets. These cords are typically 300 mm long  (Compressed coil length) Shorter and/or Longer […]

Microphone Curly Cords – Multi Core

High Quality Retractable cords for use with Microphones. We manufacture and supply a large range of microphone style cords, which are suitable for a variety of professional, commercial and industrial uses. Including fist microphones, handsets and headsets. Standard straight tail length is 150mm Series Part Number Number of Cores Core Size Screen O.D. Compressed Coil […]

Microphone Curly Cords – Pro Audio

PRO Audio Microphone Curly Cords We have several models. With a range of sizes, and lengths. The various models are generally suitable for boom microphones, stage mics heavy duty headphones etc. 2 Cores 0.22mm² Spiral Lapp Screened 2 Cores 0.1mm², each core individually Spiral Lapp Screened 1 Twisted pair 0.22mm² Foil Screen and Drain Wire […]

Microphone Curly Cords – PVC

We also supply Economy  PVC Sheathed “CB” Microphone cords. Note: Our cords are different from similar cords on the market, in that we improve them by a further secondary process. These CB Microphone cords have a single core with a screened, together with either 3 or 4 additional cores. (making 5 or 6 conductors all […]

Microphone Curly Cords – Codan 9323

Some of the old Radio’s are getting very hard to source replacement parts for.  We have been asked to produce a replacement cord specifically suited for the Codan 9323 and other similar radio’s. Brand new Curly Cord and Plug. (Microphone not included) Using new light weight and low profile screened 4mm Diameter Curly Cord, and […]

Road Paver/Profiler Curly Cords

We manufacture and supply a large range of cords that are used in the road construction field. Typically road pavers, profilers etc. We have Sensor cords, Power Cords, Wheel Cords. etc. etc.. We use a variety of our curly cords (as well as straight cable as required) These cords can all be supplied terminated as […]

Baw Knox Volvo Controller Curly cord 1

Blaw Knox / Volvo Controller Cords

Original Blaw Knox / Volvo Controller Cords Blaw Knox/Volvo Cords PRO-BK-OCC1 14 pin male to female Blaw Knox/Volvo Cord PRO-BK-FPS Replacement 14 Pin Female Panel Socket +GST If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, we also supply alternative cord sets. We supply cords complete with matching replacement panel sockets to match the plugs on the […]

Electronic Signal Curly Cords

We have an extensive range of “Electronic Signal Curly Cords”. Uses include Electronic Signal Data Comms CNC pendant cords MPG:  Manual Pulse Generator cords Nurse call sytem cords Two way radio cords Cable types include: 1 Core 0.5mm² Screened 2 Core 0.1mm² Individually Screened 2 Core 0.22mm² Screened 2 Core 0.5mm² Screened 1 Twisted Pair […]


    Our curly cords have been used for tidying up speaker wiring. Prices on request. Please email  for prices.

Interbus Curly Cords

We are now able to produce INTERBUS curly cords. Remote Bus Cable (RBC) Suitable for highly flexible applications frequently moved machine parts instead of using power chains or cable tracks. These cords can of course be used for a variety of other application. Construction: 3 twisted pairs 100 Ohm Characteristic Impedance 60 nF/km mutual capacitance […]

Lighting Tower Curly Cords

Many of our Multi-core Power & Control Cords are used for lighting circuits in extendable lighting towers. In addition to the standard configurations many can be configured as “XS” Extra Stretch cords to allow for the extra height required for some taller lighting tower applications.         We have also make cords using […]

Surveillance Tower Curly Cords

We supply many cords that are used for surveillance tower and similar applications.     Some of the options include: 4pr Cat5e + 2 cores 1.5mm² DC Power 4pr Cat 5e UTP 2x 4pr Cat5e UTP in a figure 8 Overall Screened Multi-core cable. Some systems use twisted pair like Cat5e for IP Camera. Multi-core […]

RTD Curly Cords

Cords used for RTD’s include:- Cords have been used for a variety of RTD’s !! (Resistance Temperature Detectors, Resistance Thermal Devices, Resistance Thermometers) Including 2 wire RTD’s, “Standard” 3 wire RTD’s as well as laboratory grade  4 wire RTD’s Will suite standard Platinum probes: PT100 and PT1000 types numerous amongst others. Positive Temperature Coefficient probes […]

Load Cell Curly Cords

We have a very nice cable that is often used for wiring up load cells.       PRO-4C0.5SCN-PU This cable will easily accommodate standard load cell wiring, as well as RTD’s 4 core 20AWG 0.75mm² 45/.12, 110/.1 Spiral Lapp Screened, 6.2mm O.D. Core Colours: Red, Black, Green with Red Stripe, and White with Black Stripe. […]

Power and Control Curly Cords – PVC Mains Flex

Lighting Cords Often called “Lighting Cords” or “Shop fitting style curly cords” Our Australian 240v style PVC Mains Flex Power Curly Cords are Generally used for, or known as: 240v Pendant outlets Curly Cords 240v Pendant lighting Curly Cords Drop lighting Cords Display Cabinets Power Cords Refrigeration Curly Cords   Often used in shopping centres, […]

Drawer Cords

Australian 240v mains curly cords as used to provide power outlets in the back of vanities drawers. Supplied without connectors. *Must be fitted by a licensed electrician. 3 Core (Including Green/Yellow Earth) Standard length is 300mm coil (when compressed), with 150mm straight tails. Extends to 1.2m max. 2.5mm² Wire size. Black or White depending on […]

Power and Control Curly Cords – Colour Coded PUR

Our special Self Retracting Power Cords are made with industrial grade Orange POLYURETHANE  sheathed, EPR Rubber insulated cable. These cords are used for a variety for power and/or control uses. Theses special cords are: Halogen Free, Water Resistant, UV Stable, Extreme Mechanical Resistance: Cut & Abrasion Resistant, and has Good Chemical resistance (Oils, Grease and […]

Power and Control Curly Cords – Number Coded PU

Premium Grey Polyurethane Sheathed 300/500v Control Cable. PRO-XXX-PU Range is a multi-conductor, flexible control cable with a rugged, abrasion-resistant polyurethane jacket. The polyurethane jacket is UV resistant and is resistant to mineral oils, cutting fluids and mechanical abuse typically found in machining and grinding operations. Properties: Hydrolysis Resistant UV Resistant Nominal Voltage Rating 300/500v Test […]

Power and Control Curly Cords – PVC Multicore

We generally prefer to supply our Premium Orange or Grey Polyurethane multicore power and control cords, however on special request we also make Economy PVC  multicore power and control cords. These PVC cords are considered “Economy” versions. Performance wise they are very similar to our 240v PVC mains Flex cords. We don’t make the extensive […]

6mm Earth Curly Cord

Earth Single Core Curly Cords

      We keep 4mm² and 6mm² in very nice flexible Polyurethane. We can also supply much larger versions. From 16mm on up in a TPR Rubber. I have listed: 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 95mm, and even 120mm With these larger sizes there may be minimum order quantities required. Supplied Unterminated. Other lengths […]

Non Electrical Lanyard Curly Cords

NELC- Non Electrical Lanyard cords. A.K.A. Tether cords. Made from high grade Polyurethane Cordage & Tube. These cords are usually used to anchor a tool or device to a fixed location. These cords are generally considered fully self retracting, and are used for a variety of applications: Example Applications:- Shop Displays Confectionary (Lolly) and nut […]

Suzi Coil 82524

Suzi coils Truck/Trailer/Caravan cords

As used in Truck/Trailer/Caravan applications We now have a range of 7 core trailer cord cords. All these cords are called “4.6m” as that is the total amount of cable in the cord. (American 15 foot) This is industry terminology. We prefer to describe them: Compressed coil length approx 300mm, Short tails are approx. 250mm. […]

10 core mod curly cord set 1

Custom Cords

  We make many specials and one off cords for clients. In addition many of our cords (both curly and straight) started off as custom cords for a specific client / applications. We welcome the opportunity to investigate new uses for our cords. If you have any potential applications for curly cords we would love […]

Double Length Curly Cords

Should you require an extremely long cords, we are able to make Double Length Cords. Which are basically two cords wound “Back to Back” to achieve even longer extensions.   This is a somewhat difficult process, so we only offer it where our standard lengths will not suffice.   Shown is a picture of the […]

Other Products

Apart from our main extensive range of curly cords, we also supply a vast array of other products. Almost all of which fully compliment our range. Types of products include Cables, Almost all of the cables used in our curly cords can also be ordered straight. In addition we have a massive range of other […]

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  1. leather furniture says:

    Great blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download
    it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple adjustements
    would really make my blog shine. Please let me know where you got
    your design. Cheers

  2. Colin Simmons says:

    I am making up 2 12v L E D lights for my camper trailer I think 2x 500mm cord should be long enough what do you suggest, and how much and shipping to Perth.
    Thank You;
    Colin Simmons

  3. Malcolm Harrington says:

    Do you manufacture a coily cable for 240 volt power. required for a sliding door sliding about 1.6 mtr on a freezer room. Current draw aprox 1amp. The anti sweat heater is built into the bottom of the door and an attaching point on the top and end. The cable would be plugged or wired into a point so when closed the cable is extended. It would be heavy use as the door is opened several times a day.

  4. Glenn Chapman says:

    G’day Paul,
    Thanks for the quick reply to my enquiry, I have ordered the recommended plugs.
    Thanks mate.


  5. OMPRAKASH M M says:


    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Omprakash (?)
      This would certainly be a special make for us.
      The problem would be the availability of a suitable cable.
      It’s not one we have, so would need to get a quantity of cable manufactured.
      So the minimum quantity of cords would be significant.
      If you are interested in getting a number of cords made (Maybe 100?), please let me know a few more technical details about the cable, and I’ll look into it for you.
      All the best…

  6. OMPRAKASH M M says:

    i need curly cod cable use for camera 3 miter 6core with SDI VIDEO and HDMI INCLUDE use for camera 12 and 24 watt power use totally 8core i need plz i am waiting u r call or mail thank u

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Omprakash (?)
      For a single cord, unfortunately I cannon help you.
      This would certainly be a special make for us.
      The problem would be the availability of a suitable cable.
      It’s not one we have, so would need to get a quantity of cable manufactured.
      So the minimum quantity of cords would be significant.
      If you are interested in getting a number of cords made (Maybe 100?), please let me know a few more technical details about the cable, and I’ll look into it for you.
      All the best…

  7. mark gerdovic says:

    Hi I an interested in purchasing retractable/ curly cords for iPhones 4/5 and iPads 2 / Air models.
    What options do you have available for a corporate environment and the lead time for delivery?

    kind regards


      • Mark gerdovic says:

        Hi Paul
        Thank you for your prompt reply but your failed to advise if I could get the lighting charger cables?

        Also I have had another request. Do you provide a retractable multi charger cable for an iPad2,iPhone 4 , iPhone 5, iPad Air and blackberry and Samsung phones tablets etc.

        Basically looking for an all in one cable?

        • Paul Scott says:

          Hi Mark,
          We have run trials on curly lightning cords, and the look to be something I will include in my range.
          I’ll be putting the details up shortly.
          So I’ll email you a quote as well. (I’ll do that today)

          As for your other request….a multi charger cable (all in one) sorry that’s not something I can offer.

          All the best…

  8. Paul Escott says:

    Hi Paul. I found your site as I'm searching for a curly cord to fit to a set of sports aviation headsets. Needless to say I was really surprised when I saw your name! Then when I noticed your location I decided it must be fate that I talk with you, I live in Sandgate. The world is surely a funny place and full of coincidence 🙂

    Please email me some contact details and/or your Brendale site address.


    Paul Escott

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for finding us 🙂

      We supply many cords for similar applications. So we should definitely be able to help you.

      We don’t run regular office hours here. So if you are planning of paying a visit, it’s best to firm up a time 1st.

      For sales please email Paul Scott at:

      We operate almost exclusively via email.
      E-mail contact is almost always best.


      Hope to speak with you soon…

      All the best…


  9. Rod Pascoe says:


    i am fitting solar panels to a roofrack on 2 vehicles that require the solar panels to slide out from under the rack and stay plugged in. Can you Reccomendation a curly cable for this application?

    The solar panels are 200w 12v items. They are supposedly rated at 8.2a. My calculations rate them at double that at 12v. 

    Thank you.


  10. Julie Roy says:

    We are looking for a cord that can stay in the ceiling (there is a GPO installed) and when we need to use it we pull down the cable and when we don't need it it retracts back up.  Similar to the lights of the 70's that sat over the dining table.  We just don't want the light.

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Julie,

      Thanks for your message.

      The old style lights used PVC cords and also included a retractor mechanism.

      We can supply the cords…but not the rectactor mechanism i’m sorry.

      I don’t believe they are available to purchase seperately these days.

      I do know they do still come as part of some light fittings.


      It’s not the same, but i wonder if one of our orange polyurethane cords might help you there?


      Best regards



      Best regards


    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Richard,
      When you say 10m “unstretched” I am not sure if you mean compressed? where all the coils are pushed up and toughing each other.
      Or maybe extended? like a practical working length. (which I guess could be called stretched?)
      1.8m is our normal maximum compressed coil length. they extend out by varying amounts…depending the the specific cable and coil parameters.

      Some of our cords will extend that far, but we will need to confirm their suitability for you specific voltage/current etc.

      Best regards

    • Paul Scott says:

      I Patrick,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We have made them as specials in the past…but these days it’s probably something you can order premade from one of the importers of the cameras.

      Best regards…

  11. Brenton Ellard says:

    I require a curly cord with an ID of 30mm, 2 Core 1.5mm squared, with an extended length of 2.2 metres, with straight ends approximately 100mm long.
    It is needed for an extendable pole with an LED light attached drawing approximately 3 amps.
    Can you please give a price at your convenience.

    Regards, Brenton

  12. Scott Briggenshaw says:

    Hi Paul,

    I am after a suzi cord to power a 12 volt fridge / freezer that is in a ute canopy, The fridge is on a slide out so the cord will need to extend 1500mm that is a little more than required but will do great, I think the fridge starts around 8-9 amps until temperature is reached then will sit around 5-6 amps, only a 2 wire core is needed. Please email with details of the quote.

    regards Scott 

  13. Shane O'Connor says:

    Hi, i am looking for an 8 core curly cord to fit a Garmin Marine VHF Radio. Would you have such a lead? My present lead has a factory fitted plug on one end.
    Shane O’Connor
    08 9496 0199

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Shane,
      I’m sure we can offer a curly cord.
      But we will need some more info. Is it an overall screened 8 core cable?

      Also…with the connector…
      Would that be a 12 pin connector with 2 locking points for the locking ring?
      (What they call a Bayonet lock)

      Which model radio is it?

      Maybe you could email pictures? or post the old cord to me?

      All the best…

  14. Al Murphy says:

    Hi there,
    Need a curly cord, 10 core, 300 mm long, for use in race car steering wheel application. Presently using curly cord that has 13 core, 7×0.15mm wires which is unreliable. Please advise what is available and your recomendation.
    With thanks, Al Murphy.

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Al,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We have a very nice 12 core cord that I think you will like.
      I’ll shoot you the details via email next.

      Best regards

  15. Brendon Bayliss says:

    Hi there
    I need a curly cord, 5 core including shield wire, for a GME TX3200 radio any help would be great

  16. barry judd says:

    we run karaoke jukebox hire we are interested in your curly microphone cords which would have to be wired into each microphone do your supply this service many thanks Barry ( we are in Perth W/A

  17. Nigel Crow says:


    I have a mobile home with 2x 80amp solar panels mounted on a pop top roof, connect to my house battery via anderson plugs.

    Do you have suitible "curly" cable to take the pop top movement from closed to open ? the movement is approx 7 cm.


    Nigel Crow.


  18. Gommy Lee says:

    I need two kinds of curly cord for radio mobile handset;


    Number of Cores : 6

    Sheath color : Black

    O.D.(C) : 4mm

    Compressed coil lengths(A) : 300mm

    Max extension ratio : 5:1

    Sheath material : Polyurethane

    Entirely shielded

    Diameter of coil(B) : 15 ~ 18mm

    Length of short straight tail(D) : 100mm

    Length of long straight tail(E) : 150mm


    Number of Cores : 8

    Sheath color : Gray

    O.D.(C) : 4mm

    Compressed coil lengths(A) : 300mm

    Max extension ratio : 5:1

    Sheath material : Polyurethane

    2 cores shielded

    Diameter of coil(B) : 15 ~ 18mm

    Length of short straight tail(D) : 150mm

    Length of long straight tail(E) : 1,000mm


    Let me know how I can purcahse them.

    I live in Shezhen, China.


  19. willard dean/Dean Marine Elect says:

    PRO-1C0.1-SCN+6C0.1-PU-300-150, would like to order 6 of these cables . they would be shipped to 3512 Cesery blvd Jacksonville, Florida 32277 Dean Marine Electronics USA
    please inform me of a invoice that i can pay thru pay pal and have shipped the cheapest route. USPS or equivalent

  20. Andy Edis says:

    I am after retractable coil cable for use in exterior install 15amp 240volt to expand from 0 to 2.5mtrs.
    Can you suply. I need 4 of them.
    Regards andy

  21. Craig Doyle says:

    I would like to organise a curly cord for my 60 Litre Engel Fridge. What is the process in getting the correct plugs fittings. Do I send you the power cord for you to use and give you the lengths of retracted state and the length its needs to be when extended?

    Kind Regards

    • Paul Scott says:

      Hi Craig,
      We have a few that are more or less standard ones now.
      I must get around to putting them on the website.
      But…if you have some special requirements, please email me the details.

      Best regards

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